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A root canal is a common dental procedure used to remove the pulp of a tooth from its root. In some cases, laser dentistry is used to prepare and clean a tooth for the root canal. Failure to remove a damaged pulp from a tooth can cause infections to occur.

If your tooth enamel becomes damaged it can put your entire smile at risk. Cavities work by eroding away tooth enamel until a hole forms. If it does enough damage and the pulp becomes damaged, then the best course of action to save the tooth is a root canal.

If a tooth is damaged from an oral accident or injury, the tooth enamel damage may be too microscopic to spot the leak upon which bacteria can enter the tooth. In these cases, a root canal would necessary if the pulp ended up damaged.

If you have had multiple dental procedures to a tooth, the tooth enamel may be so worn down that it has caused a hole to form in the tooth. If the pulp ends up damaged, a root canal will be needed.

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