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Do you ever use sugary drinks such as juice in a baby bottle to feed your child as they drift off to sleep? Unfortunately, this can lead to a harmful oral health condition known as baby bottle tooth decay. Here are some helpful suggestions for preventing baby bottle tooth decay:

– Avoid using honey or other sweet substances atop baby bottles to encourage your child to drink from their bottle.

– Children begin to have their first teeth erupt above the gum line around half a year old. From the moment the teeth begin to come into view, clean and care for them daily to prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

– If you are nursing your child with sugary drinks such as soda, sports drinks, sugar water, and juice, you greatly increase the likelihood of baby bottle tooth decay.

– Keep bottles away from your child as they slumber so that liquid does not pool in their mouth.

– The perfect amount of toothpaste to be used for children under three should be roughly the size of a rice grain, and should never contain fluoride.

– Never share utensils from your mouth to your child’s mouth that have not been cleaned. This includes pacifiers, bottles, and brushes, as they can contaminate your child’s mouth with bacteria from yours.

Keeping your child’s teeth clean ensures baby bottle tooth decay will not be able to harm them. To schedule your professional cleaning at Stephens City Family Dentistry with Dr. Young Lim D.D.S. and our team at our dentist office in Stephens City, Virginia, simply give us a call at 540-869-2600. Come on in, and help your child achieve a better smile today!