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Cosmetic dentistry treatments can benefit anyone. It truly is amazing how a simple smile can drastically change the way others view you. With the ease at which cosmetic dentistry can be done, no matter if you are looking for a smile upgrade or to restore a smile affected by accident or injury, Stephens City Family Dentistry has a cosmetic treatment that may help you smile with confidence again.

Consider the following cosmetic dentistry options our practice offers:

— Dental implants are tooth replacement treatments used to replace lost teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth that are attached directly to the jawbone.

— Dental crowns are caps positioned on teeth to protect them from further damage.

— Dental veneers are a highly-stylized form of cosmetic dentistry which can turn average teeth into masterpieces by designing a hard shell to be fused onto the fronts of teeth.

— Teeth whitening treatments can occur in the office or in the comfort of your own home to vastly enhance and improve the color and shade of your teeth.

— Partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth while complete sets of dentures can replace entire rows of missing teeth. Dentures are artificial tooth replicas, but unlike dental implants, they can easily be removed by the user.

If you are in need of a cosmetic dentistry service, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Taliaferro or Dr. Young Lim in Stephens City, Virginia. You can reach a member of our caring staff at phone]. Call us soon, and we will help you find the right service for your smile!