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Dr. Taliaferro and Dr. Lim, along with our Stephens City Family Dentistry team are happy to provide clear aligners for our patients wanting to straighten their teeth without the visibility of brackets and wires. Many of our patients in Stephens City, Virginia have successfully used the ClearCorrect™ and Invisalign® clear aligner systems to align their smile discreetly.

If you are wearing clear aligners 22 hours a day to straighten your pearly whites, caring for your investment is essential. You can care for your aligners with ease while they work to shift your teeth gradually into place. Simply follow these four easy steps to maintain them while they straighten your smile.

Step #1: With braces, you have to continually clean around the brackets and wires. With clear aligners, you simply remove them to eat or clean your teeth. After you take them out, rinse the bacteria and saliva residue off with cold water. Using hot water will warp them and impact their integrity. This also means dishwashers are a “no” when it comes to cleaning your aligners.

Step #2: Your oral hygiene is the basis for a healthy smile. To avoid tooth decay and gum disease, brush and floss your teeth daily, whether you are straightening your teeth or not. Make sure your teeth are clean before you pop your aligners back in. With your aligners, cleaning your teeth is a breeze!

Step #3: Cleaning your aligners is simple, you can clean them with antibacterial soap instead of toothpaste because unlike toothpaste, soap won’t scratch them. Rinse them completely to remove soapy residue before you put them back in your mouth. Toothpaste is not recommended for cleaning aligners because it contains abrasive ingredients that may scratch them and affect their clarity.

Step #4: Even though mouthwash is effective for lowering bacteria and killing germs in your oral hygiene routine, oral rinses with green or blue coloring will tint your aligners. It is best to soak them in colorless denture or retainer cleaner to avoid discoloration while sanitizing them.

To find out more about clear aligner care in Stephens City, Virginia, please reach out to our Stephens City Family Dentistry team at 540-869-2600 or to schedule a visit. Dr. Taliaferro and Dr. Lim are happy to help you receive the quality smile care you deserve with ClearCorrect and Invisalign!